About us

Oleg Harchuk, Sergey Bogatyrchuk
company founders

Brovarni company offers you to purchase a microbrewery (that will be manufactured individually for you) and become an owner of a small but very beneficial business! You will get an excellent opportunity to be a real brew master, brew good and live beer that your customers will truly admire. Among your customers there will be beer lovers (a retail), large trading networks, restaurant breweries and other HoReCa representatives

Microbrewery – the best business for admirers

Any brewery is a very exciting but most importantly profitable business.


  • Minimal risks.
  • Low-cost business entry.
  • The final product is highly demanded on the strong drinks

In any country, craft beer is very popular among different social groups. Unfortunately, in many countries craft beer business is poorly developed, thus the customers` needs for high-quality and affordable product are not satisfied. As a result, this niche is rather cost-effective and gives you plenty of opportunities to fulfill your creative ideas. To launch your brewery first and foremost you need to have high-quality equipment. If you want to start beneficial business and brew excellent beer – we are happy to help!

Brewery equipment from Ukrainian manufacturer

Our company is ready to help you in building your brewery from scratch to the first brew. We will share with you our experience (on the market since 2011, more than 60 successful projects) and our unique technology of the brewery equipment manufacturing. We will complete all the complicated tasks for you!

Brovarni`s experts will assist you in creating brewing business from the very beginning without much efforts from your side. We will provide you with all necessary information for creating beneficial business:

  • The necessary specifications
  • Equipment manufacturing and installation
  • Beer producing technology and technical support at all stages of the business development.

On our equipment you can brew lager or ale. Once you have equipment from Brovarni, all you need to start brewing is to have a good hop, malt and there will be no equal to you in beer making!

You don`t know where to start? Considering where to buy a microbrewery? Email or call us and you`ll get a free consultation from an expert in this field.

Your tasks – our solutions!

Your prosperous business working like a Swiss watch is a guarantee of our reputation. We benefit from your perfect business.

The best brew master is you!


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