UPK1000 Microbrewery with 1000l capacity

1000L brewhouse

Brewery set consists of:

  1. Mash tun
  2. Lauter tun
  3. Plate cooler
  4. 6×1000L cylindrical-conical tanks
  5. Control panel
  6. Malt mill
  7. Mini-lab (refractometer, hydrometer, and wort sample vial)
  8. Cooling system
  9. CIP station
  10. Pump

Price – 61 950.00 $


Additional brewing equipment:

Boiler – 4 950$

Cold water tank – 5 700$

Whirlpool – 7 900$

1000L CCT – 4 700$

2000L CCT – 7 100$

To brew 1000L of beer every day you need to add more CCTs to the standard set of 6 CCTs. Ale making requires 14 days, lager – 21 days. Thus to get 1000L of ale every day you need to buy additional 9 ×1000L cylindrical-conical tanks or 5×2000L CCTs. For lager beer, you need additional 15×1000L CCTs or 8×2000L CCTs.

Technical parameters


Mash tun volume 


Lauter tun volume


Beer capacity 


Mash tun diameter  


Lauter tun diameter


Mash tun height  


Lauter tun height


Heating power  


Pump efficiency


Roll mill efficiency


Full CCT volume


Working CCT volume


CCT height


Premises requirements:

  • Required space 120-160 sq.m.
  • Electrical 3-phase system with 65 kW input
  • Cold water
  • Hot water
  • Exhaust system
  • Conditioner in fermenting room.

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1000L brewing equipment

If you have decided to establish your own business and produce unique  sorts of beer, you need high-quality professional equipment. In case you have a limited budget, it`s better to start from some small brewery, which later should be expanded. However, if you can effort bigger volume we highly recommend 1000L Microbrewery. Brewing equipment manufactured by our company will become the basis of your successful business. Here is our current Price list.

The vast majority of this beverage producers can`t offer a consumer different flavors. Usually, they launch simultaneous production of 4-6 beer sorts. Often, the same beer is sold under different beer brands. However, more and more buyers want to see on the shelves unique sorts, which can`t be found in the supermarket. With our equipment, you can brew craft beer which will be superior to famous brands.

What is included?

Mash Tun

This is one of the most important parts of the whole 1000L microbrewery. It is the high-quality and reliable vessel. The mash tun is made of AISI 304 stainless steel which widely used in food industry. Weld seams and the tun itself are mirror polished. Wort heating is conducted by the jacket which is insulated all around the perimeter. Mash tun volume is 1600L and allows to brew 1000L per batch. Heating is done by powerful 60kW electric heating elements. This tun is equipped with the thermostat that prevents wort overheating and burning. Mash tun also includes the following:

  • Manhole
  • Inside lightning
  • Agitator
  • Control panel
  • Spray head connected to CIP

Lauter tun

This tun volume is 1600L. It has a double bottom with removable filter sieves of our production. Crushed malt sparging is done by spray heads. Later tun is equipped with stirrer and other components as in mast tun (manhole, inside lighting).

1000L fermenting vessels

It consists of CCTs (quantity is optional) – cylindrical-conical tanks. They are made of AISI 304 stainless steel. The working volume of each tank is 1000L, full – 1200L. There is a control panel for CCTs. Using automation, a separate temperature can be set for each tank. There is a cooling jacket along the entire height. The cone can also be equipped with the cooling jacket, due to customer`s requirement. CCT is heat insulated by polyurethane layer and outer shelter is made of stainless steel.

Directly from CCT, beer can be supplied to the bar or for bottling. Tank cleaning is done by CIP station.

Each CCT includes:

  • Airtight hatch
  • Wort inlet and beer outlet valve
  • Drainage valve
  • Sample valve
  • Thermosensor
  • Spray head connected to CIP
  • Sparging apparatus

Brewhouse pump

Pump capacity is 33 /h. It is equipped with shutoff valves and piping (these elements are also made of stainless steel). The pump fills mash tun with water, mixing wort during the mashing, and pump wort from the mash tun to lauter tun.  Filtered wort is pumped back to mash tun to continue brewing process with the hops.


1000L brewing equipment must include control electronics. It controls the temperature in tuns, heating elements work, and CCT cooling.

Malt mill

Mill`s capacity is 500kg/h. As well as other brewery components it is made of high-quality stainless steel. It is designed for effective malt crusting. For this purpose, it`s equipped with adjustable roller gap. This equipment peace is very important as sugar is dissolving much faster when the malt is crushed.


It consists of:

  • Refractometr
  • Hydrometr
  • Wort sample vial

Plate cooler

It is made of stainless steel. Wort temperature is measured by the thermosensor installed at the outlet. There is a cold water flow in the plate cooler, for this reason, the wort is cooling down. It is controlled by electronics.

CIP station

It is the last component in our standard 1000L brewing equipment. CIP station`s function is cleaning and disinfecting of mash tun, lauter tun, and CCT. Hot water is used for cleaning (regular tuns and CCTs washing) or disinfecting agents.  For sterilization and cleaning, the acid-based solution is used.

Brovarni Company offers you an opportunity to open 1000L brewery. We`ll provide you with high-quality equipment and with professional advice.  We also offer installation service and training. Buy 1000L microbrewery for the competitive price, which you quickly return as an income. Our successfully working projects you can find here http://brovarni.com/category/projects/