UPK200 Microbrewery with 200L capacity


Brewing set consists of:

  1. Mash Tun
  2. Lauter Tun
  3. Plate Cooler
  4. 6×200L Cylindrical-Conical Tanks
  5. Control Panel
  6. Malt Mill
  7. Mini-Lab (refractometer, hydrometer, and wort sample vial)
  8. Cooling System
  9. CIP Station
  10. Pump

Price – 28 770 .00$

Additional brewing equipment:

  • 200L CCT – 2 350 $
  • 400L CCT – 3 000 $

To brew 200L of beer every day you need to add more CCTs to the standard set of 6 CCTs. Ale beer making requires 14 days, lager beer – 21 days. Thus to obtain 200L of ale every day, you need to buy additional 9 ×200L cylindrical-conical tanks, or 5×400L CCTs. For lager beer, you need additional 15×200L CCTs or 8×400L CCTs.

Technical parameters


Mash tun volume 


Lauter tun volume


Beer capacity 


Mash tun diameter  


Lauter tun diameter


Mash tun height  


Lauter tun height


Heating power  


Pump efficiency


Malt mill efficiency


Full CCT volume


Working CCT volume


CCT height


The premises requirements

  • Required space 30-50sq.m.
  • Electrical 3-phase system with 20kW input
  • Cold water
  • Hot water
  • Exhaust system
  • The conditioner in fermenting room.

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Professional brewing equipment

Want to purchase micro-brewery but don`t know where?

“Brovarni” Company offers 200L microbreweries with further installation and launching (service costs are agreed individually). Here you will find our current price list — prices.PDF

Beer is one of the most popular drinks in the world. A small amount of alcohol, excellent hops flavor, an aroma with a slight bitterness; all that allow this beverage to gain a huge popularity.  Large manufacturers are not always able to give the consumers what they need. And they need a real live beer, craft beer, and other unique flavors. Therefore, small and private brewery is an ideal option for your own business, other advantage of which is constant demand.

For brewing you need: hop, malt, yeast, and water. Also, enzymatic agents as rice and sugar can be used. The production process includes the following stages:

  • Wort making
  • Fermenting
  • Bottling

You can choose dark or light beer. Light flavors are characterized by distinct hop taste and bitterness, dark by aroma and malt taste.

What components of 200L private brewery are and what you need to brew real, tasty, demanded all year round beer?

Mash Tun

We offer our clients high-quality mash tun produced of stainless steel AISI304 (DIN 1.4301) grade, which is used in the food industry. Our company guarantees that all our products are authentic and provides all necessary certificates.

The vessel capacity is 320L. The heating is done by electrical 15kW heating elements. The heating process is electronically controlled (with thermostat). This device provides a stable protection from wort overheating and burning .Inside, the tun equipped with the light and agitator. Moreover, there is a jacket that is responsible for heat insulation.

Later Tun

Lauter tun`s capacity in 200L microbrewery set (as well as in mash tun) is 320L. It is made from the same AISI304 (DIN 1.4301) steel. Has double bottom, which is composed of identical sieves for filtering. Filtering sieves are removable. Inside, the lauter tun equipped with light and stirrer. The tun is heat insulated with a special jacket.

Cylinder-conical tanks

Fermenting stage and storage of the beer is impossible without cylinder-conical tanks. After the cooling process, wort is placed into CCT. There, during the fermenting process, yeasts interact with sugar, which comes from the malt, and become carbon dioxide and alcohol. At the end of the process, yeasts lose their activity and settle on the CCT`s cone. Later green beer (as it is called in brewing) is pumped to other fermenting tank or stay in CCT where the final fermenting process takes place. After that, we acquire drinkable product – unfiltered beer.

Standard fermenting set in 200L brewing equipment consists of six 240L CCT. Each of the tanks equipped with the cooling jacket over the entire height of the cylindrical part. All tanks have 400mm airtight hatch. Cylinder-conical tanks are heat insulated by 75 mm layer of polyurethane foam.

Brewhouse Pump

Pump is made of stainless steel grade which is used in the food industry. Pump comes with piping and valves. It`s productivity – 33 m3/h. It fills mash tun with water, pumps wort from mash to lauter  tun, then pumps wort to CCT etc.

Control Panel

200L Micro-brewery can`t operate without quality and reliable control system. With the control panel you can control smooth operation of heating elements and CCT cooling. Separate working temperature can be set for each CCT.

Malt Mill

Every brewery set should include a malt mill, which crushes the malt. The process of sugar dissolving can be quicker only in crushed form. Mill removes grain`s cellulose shell and crush grains body. Electric power is 1.1 kW, productivity 150 kg / h.


200L Brewery Equipment set also includes a mini-lab. It comprises:

  • Refractometer
  • Hydrometer
  • Wort samples vial

Cooling System

The hot wort (finished) is cooled down to the fermenting temperature in the plate chiller.

CIP Station

200L Brewery Equipment set includes a special CIP station, which is needed for the equipment disinfection without dismantling. It consists of two vessels with chemicals. In beer making, CIP is used for:

  • Rinse with cold or hot water
  • Washing with alkaline solution of acid
  • Sterilization with hot water or disinfectant

200L Microbrewery is inexpensive option to start your own business in the brewing field. And our specialists are always ready to give you an advice on how to choose the premise, and on equipment configuration.

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