UPK300 Microbrewery with 300L capacity


Brewery set consists of:

  1. Mash tun
  2. Lauter tun
  3. Plate chiller
  4. 6×300L cylindrical-conical tanks
  5. Control panel
  6. Malt mill
  7. Mini-lab (refractometer, hydrometer, and wort sample vial)
  8. Cooling system
  9. CIP station
  10. Pump

Price – 33 370.00 $

Additional brewing equipment:

  • 300L CCT – 2 700$
  • 600L CCT – 3 500$

To brew 300L of beer every day you need to add more CCTs to the standard set of 6 CCTs. Ale making requires 14 days, lager – 21 days. Thus to get 300L of ale every day you need to buy additional 9 ×300L cylindrical-conical tanks, or 5×600L CCTs. For lager beer, you need additional 15×300L CCTs or 8×600L CCTs.

Technical parameters


Mash tun volume 


Lauter tun volume


Beer capacity 


Mash tun diameter  


Lauter tun diameter


Mash tun height  


Lauter tun height


Heating power  


Pump efficiency


Roll mill efficiency


Full CCT volume


Working CCT volume


CCT height


Premises requirements:

  • Required space 40-60 sq.m.
  • Electrical 3-phase system with 25 kW input
  • Cold water
  • Hot water
  • Exhaust system
  • Conditioner in fermenting room.

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Professional attitude to your business is 300L Brewing Equipment

Our company manufactures 300L mini brewery from high-quality materials according to international standards. We also offer installation service (conditions are individually negotiated).  If you already decided what set you need you can find our current price list (PDF) here.

Beer is a high demand beverage which is popular in any season. It is mostly produced by large enterprises.  In order to have great income, these huge companies produce massive kinds of beer and can`t offer an average consumer some different, exclusive beers. We are now offering you a chance to become an excellent brewer and make live beer, which always will be in great demand. Thus, private breweries are one of win-win option for your own business.

In high quality beer production such raw material are used:

  • Hop
  • Malt
  • Yeasts

Often, the enzyme components are added, such as sugar, rice, or corn grits. The entire manufacturing process includes the following stages:

  • Wort making
  • Fermenting
  • Botling

With our brewing equipment you can brew as dark as well as more popular light kinds of beer.

What includes 300L craft brewery set?

One of the main components is Mash Tun!

Our customers purchase ready product that is produced from AISI304 (DIN 1.4301) steel. This steel grade is used in many food industry branches. We guarantee that purchased vessel will be authentic and comes with accompanying certificates. This model`s full volume is 480L. Heating process is conducted by heating elements (20KW power), powered from 220V net. There is electric heating control (thermostat). This devise provides reliable protection during the wort boiling from overheating and burning to the surface of the tun. Mash tun comes with heat insulation jacket.

 Lauter Tun is a part that impossible to replace

300L brewery equipment set includes similar vessel with 480L capacity. It is made of the same steel as the mash tun. The bottom consists of plates for filtering process. These plates are removable and require constant maintenance. The vessel is also heat insulated.

The most interesting part – fermenting tanks

From lauter tun,  throught the plate chiller, wort comes to CCT where sugar, received from the malt, reacts with the yeasts.  Hereafter all ingredients turn into carbon dioxide and alcohol, and yeasts fell down in conical part of the cylinder. As a result, we have live unfiltered beer.

300L Craft Brewery standard set includes 6 CCT. Each of the tanks has 600L full volume and is heat insulated by the layer of polyurethane foam. Below are the main advantages of this model:

  • Cooling jacked along the whole perimeter;
  • Airtight hatch on the top of CCT;
  • Outlet valve for yeasts sediments and cleaning fluid;
  • Valves for wort input and beer output;
  • Beer sample valve;
  • Water seal and spreading head;
  • Bunging apparatus.

CCT cleaning is performed by CIP station, which is included in supplied set of the equipment.

Brewhouse pump

It is made of stainless steel and comes with the piping system and valves. Pump capacity is . Its main function is filling mash tun with water and pumping wort in the lauter tun.  Also, it pumps the wort into CCTs and has other functions.

Control Panel

300L Private Brewery control panel is responsible  for reliable operating of the heating elements and CCT cooling process. With the panel a separate temperature for each CCT can be set.

Malt mill

Malt crushing is conducted by malt mill.  As sugar dissolving process is much faster in crushed malt this device is mandatory for productive brewing. Mill productivity is 250 kg/h.

Mini lab

300L Microbrewery includes a special part – mini lab. It consists of:

  • Wort sample vial
  • Refractometer
  • Hydrometer

Wort cooling system

 It consists of plate heat exchanger in which hot wart cooling down to necessary temperature, and chiller for keeping stable temperature in CCT (equipped individually for each project).

CIP station is a required part of any brewery

300L craft brewery equipment includes special station for disinfecting of CCT, mash tun and lauter tun. In the brewing, CIP station is used for:

  • Running water washing;
  • Acid solutions washing;
  • Equipment sterilization by disinfectants or hot water.

We offer you to purchase 300L microbrewery and receive recommendations on required facilities, set up equipment, and other nuances. Here you can find information about our successfully operating projects http://brovarni.com/category/projects/