UPK500 Microbrewery with 500l capacity

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Brewery set consists of:

  1. Mash tun
  2. Lauter tun
  3. Plate cooler
  4. 6×500L cylindrical-conical tanks
  5. Control panel
  6. Malt mill
  7. Mini-lab (refractometer, hydrometer, and wort sample vial)
  8. Cooling system
  9. CIP station
  10. Pump

Price – 47 940.00 $

Additional brewing equipment:

Boiler – 3 750$

Cold water tank – 3 900$

Whirlpool – 5 900$

500L CCT – 3 300$          

1000L CCT – 4 700$

To brew 500L of beer every day you need to add more CCTs to standard set of 6 CCTs. Ale making requires 14 days, lager – 21 days. Thus to get 500L of ale every day you need to buy additional 9 ×500L cylindrical-conical tanks, or 5×1000L CCTs. For lager, you need additional 15×500L CCTs or 8×1000L CCTs.

Technical parameters


Mash tun volume 


Lauter tun volume


Beer capacity 


Mash tun diameter  


Lauter tun diameter


Mash tun height  


Lauter tun height


Heating power  


Pump efficiency


Roll mill efficiency


Full CCT volume


Working CCT volume


CCT height


Premises requirements:

  • Required space 80-100 sq.m.
  • Electrical 3-phase system with 35 kW input
  • Cold water
  • Hot water
  • Exhaust system
  • Conditioner in fermenting room.

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Private 500L brewery – more means better!

Brovarni is specialized in manufacturing and installation of high-quality brewery equipment. For you, we`ll produce a reliable and effective 500L mini brewery, which will bring you a steady income for many years. We`ll manufacture, deliver, install, and launch your professional equipment in the shortest time possible. Current price list with all equipment available you can find here – Price list

Big enterprises that produce the most demanded alcohol beverage in the world can`t present unique kinds of beer as they are massive product producers. We offer you to become a brewer which can produce new kinds of beer on the market and get good profit. In case you are an experienced brewmaste and you want to expand your business, pay attention to proposed set –private 500L microbrewery.

To brew real, live beer, which will be liked by vast majority of potential customers you just need a few things:

  • Hop, yeasts, malt
  • Other ingredients (rice, enzymes)
  • Professional 500L brewery equipment

Suggested equipment set of with 500L capacity includes following components.

Mash tun

 We supply only high-quality products made of stainless steel − AISI304 (DIN 1.4301). This steel grade is mainly used in food industry.  The tun is equipped with heating jacket along the entire perimeter. This vessel`s full volume is 800L. Heating is done by heating electric elements of 30kW power. It is equipped also with the wort overheating and burning protection system. The tun comes with manhole, inside light, agitator, spray ball (connected to CIP), and control panel. It is equipped with spray balls for spent grains washing, with stirrer and other components that are in the mash tun (manhole, inside light, spray balls).

Lauter tun

500L Microbrewery comprises of 800L later tun. It has a double bottom, made of special removable filtering sieves. As well as mash tun, it is equipped with heat insulation jacket.


500L fermenting vessels

This set consists of 6 cylindrical- conical tanks, each of them has 500L working volume. There is a control panel in the set that regulates beer temperature inside each CCT.

The wort comes into a tank where the final fermenting process takes place. Yeasts fall down in conical part of the tank and later drained through the lower valve. All tanks are designed for internal pressure and carry out the process of primary fermentation, carbonization and finished beer supply the on tap. CCT cleaning is done by CIP station.

500L brewing equipment consists of a certain amount of CCT. Each CCT equipped with:

  • Airtight manhole;
  • Bottom drain valve for yeasts and cleaning liquid;
  • Wort inlet valve;
  • Sample valve;
  • Thermosensor;
  • Spray head;
  • Sparging apparatus;

Brewhouse pump

It is highly productive 33/h, comes with the piping system and valves, made of AISI304 stainless steel. The pump fills mash tun with water and mixes wort during the mashing process. It pumps wort from mash tun to lauter tun and then to cylindrical conical tank.

Control panel

500L brewery set includes a control panel. It is responsible for a stable operation of the heating elements (heaters), CCT cooling process (each, you can set the desired temperature) and the wort temperature.

Malt mill

It is also made of high-quality stainless steel as well as other components of the set.  Productivity is 250 kg/h.  Equipped with adjustable roller gap and is responsible for the malt crushing quality. It is an essential component in beer making as sugar dissolves faster when the malt is in a crushed form.

Mini lab

It is equipped with the  refractometer, hydrometer, and wort sample vial. Mini lab is part of the standard set of 500L brewery.


Wort cooling

Chiller is made of stainless steel.  There is a mechanical thermometer at the outlet of the chiller, which measures wort temperature. Due to the flow of cold water in the heat exchanger, it is cooled to a predetermined temperature by means of electronics.

CIP station

500L brewing equipment that offers our company includes also CIP station for disinfection. It cleans lauter tun, mash tun, and CCT.  Cleaning is done by hot water or special disinfectants. You can use it to rinse the tanks with water, acid-alkaline solution and sterilized with hot water.

Become a real brewer with professional 500L brewing equipment right now! We`ll provide you with all necessary information on premise planning, equipment configuration, and give personal advices in the brewing business. Here you can find our successfully operating projects – Our Projects