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Beer Glycol Chiller for Fermentation Tanks Cooling

The refrigeration station is designed for cooling beer in fermentation tanks and water in a cold water tank.

The unit is made on the basis of high-quality condensing system. Consists of two blocks: external and internal.

  • The outdoor block for the condensation of freon and return it to the internal unit
  • The internal block with the evaporator, pumps, the warmed capacity for the coolant and automatic control of temperature of all volume of the coolant.

The station body is made of stainless steel, the coolant tank is insulated with polyurethane foam, the automatic control of the coolant temperature is made of high-quality and reliable electrical components. Condensing system by Panasonic or Neoclima.

Parameter Articul Price
Cooled fermentation volume till 6000 l. CH-6000 5610 €
Cooled fermentation volume till 12000 l. CH-12000 7860 €
Cooled fermentation volume till 24000 l. CH-24000 11230 €

Beer Glycol Chiller CH-12000:Beer Glycol Chiller CH-12000

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