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Mash-wort kettle

A feature of our breweries is the lack of a steam generator - quite expensive and not convenient to operate the unit. Heating of the mash / wort is ensured by the heating of the jacket over the entire inner surface of the mash-wort kettle. Heat carrier in the heating jacket is food grade propylene glycol. Heating element - electric heating elements. The dynamics of heating and the inertia of heat transfer are similar to heating by a steam generator.

The mash-wort kettle is made of high-quality food grade AISI-304 stainless steel with a high degree of polishing (to a mirror finish). The welds are polished to a sufficient degree. The kettle has a mash/wort heating jacket over the entire diameter and cone of the vessel. Heat carrier - food propylene glycol. Heating of the heat carrier is provided by easily replaceable electric heating elements. Electronic heating control with overheat protection system and wort sticking. The heating shirt is thermally insulated with polyurethane foam and covered with an outer sheath of food grade stainless steel.

The mash-wort kettle is equipped with a gear motor with a mash mixer, a steam removal pipe or a flow-through steam condenser, an inspection hatch, lighting inside, a control panel for temperature pauses, two rotating washing balls with connection to a CIP-station.

The kettle is designed for mashing malt infusion method and boiling the wort with hops. If there is an additional mash ketle, mashing is also possible by the decoction mashing techniques. The kettle can also heat or boil water to wash all the equipment of the brewery.

Pump, motor-reducer and valves of foreign production (Europe, Turkey, Japan).

Steam outlet pipe located in a place convenient for the client.

Mash-wort kettle 300 liters per brew:Mash-wort kettle 300 liters per brew Mash-wort kettle 500 liters per brew:Mash-wort kettle 500 liters per brew Mash-wort kettle 1000 liters per brew:Mash-wort kettle 1000 liters per brew Mash-wort kettle 2000 liters per brew:Mash-wort kettle 2000 liters per brew

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