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Ukraine, Kiev region,
Belaya Tserkov
Skvirskoye Highway 20.


The Brovarni company produces micro breweries from 200 to 300 liters per brewing for the production of lager beer, top fermented beer (ale) according to classic or craft recipes. 

Micro-breweries can be used to create new beer recipes before producing a large batch.

Our CCT are equipped with a forced cooling circuit with beer temperature automatic and are equipped with additional thermal insulation. Due to this, you will not need to cool the whole room of the fermentation area. Moreover, both the brewhouse and the fermentation area can be located in one small room, which will allow you to equip your micro brewery in a small area with minimal costs..

«Brovarni» micro breweries lineup:

Microbrewery for 200 l. per brewMicrobrewery for 200 l. per brew Microbrewery for 300 l. per brewMicrobrewery for 300 l. per brew

Ukraine, Kiev region
Bila Tserkva city Skvyrske shose, 20
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