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Ukraine, Kiev region,
Belaya Tserkov
Skvirskoye Highway 20.

2-units brewhouse 2000 liters per brew

articul: BH-2000

unit price: 28300 €

Sizes (WxDxH) 4600x2200x3500 mm
Working volume 2000 l.
Full volume 3000 l.
Weight (empty) 1410 kg
Mash-wort kettle heating power100 kWt
Mash-wort pumpEbara DWO-150 1,5 kWt
Pump productivity42 m3/h
Mixer motor power1,1 kWt
Mixer parameters180 n/m with adjustment of turns
Raker motor power0,37 kWt
Raker parameters3,5 rpm; 420 n/m
Total power consumption103 kWt
Kettle weight (empty)620 kg
Lauter tun weight (empty)510 kg
Pipelines diameter42 mm

Two vessels brewhouse BH-2000 consists of:

Mash-wort kettle;
Lauter tun;
Mash-wort pump;
Control panel.
Working platform with steps

All units of the brewhouse, all valves, the pump and the surfaces in contact with the product are made of food grade 304 stainless steel. All internal surfaces of the tanks and welds are polished to the required degree. The surface inside the containers is a polished.

For the convenience of the brewer, the management of piping cranes is brought to the working platform, on which the control panel is located.

Mash-wort kettle is equipped with a mash mixer with speed control, inspection hatch, measuring line, temperature sensor and lighting inside the boiler, two rotary cleaning heads with connection to CIP-agregat, bottom drain for mash and top drain for wort without sediment.

The lauter tun is equipped with removable filter plates, a grain raker, an inspection hatch, lighting inside the tun, two rotary cleaning heads with connection to a CIP-agregat, and a hatch for unloading grain with a folding tray under it.

The kettle and tun have ventilation pipes for steam exhaust, are insulated with polyurethane foam, sheathed with stainless steel food.

The working platform is made of corrugated stainless steel sheet with comfortable steps and handrails made of polished round pipe.

The control panel performs the following functions: adjusting the temperature of the mash/wort, adjusting the temperature of heat carrier, turning on and adjusting the speed of the pump and mixer, turning on the raker and internal lighting of the tanks. Execution via touchscreen with programming of temperature pauses is possible.

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Ukraine, Kiev region
Bila Tserkva city Skvyrske shose, 20
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