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Lagering beer tank

Among brewers and equipment manufacturers, containers for fermentation, maturation, clarification and storage of beer are called differently, depending on the purpose of the container. Our lagering tank is a container with a spherical bottom, with a cooling jacket over the entire cylindrical part and insulation over the entire area of ??the tank. The lagering tank can be with top or side viewing hatch.

The lagering tank is designed for a inner pressure of up to 2 atm. and is used for maturation and storing beer under pressure. The pressure is regulated by the fermentation bung.

Lagering tank equipment:

  • top or side (at the choice of the client) the inspection sealed hatch
  • rotary washing ball
  • fermentation bung
  • tap for supply and drain beer;
  • bottom valve draining sludge and cleaning solutions
  • sampling valve
  • beer temperature sensor
  • beer temperature controller
  • automatic coolant valve

Additionally, a camp tank may have:

  • beer level indicator
  • nozzles for dry hopping
  • separate cooling zones
  • and other options on request

Internal containers, cooling shirts, cover, legs, taps and other stop valves are made of high quality food grade stainless steel. The seams inside the tank are polished to a sufficient degree; the surface of the metal is mirror polished. The inspection hatch seal is made of food grade silicone.

Parameter Articul Price
500 liters LT-500 6100 €
1000 liters LT-1000 8200 €
2000 liters LT-2000 12200 €

Lagering tank for beer maturation and natural clarification:Lagering tank for beer maturation and natural clarification

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