Eastern Europe, Ukraine
Bila Tserkva city
Skwyrske Highway 20

Brewery Equipment Manufacture

Breweries Microbreweries Breweries for pubs Mini breweries Installation Brewery choosing Catalogue of breweries 200 l. B200С200(6)!50-80 B200С400(6)!90-160 B200C400(9)!150-240 300 l. B300C300(6)!70-120 B300С600(6)!140-240 B300С600(9)!220-360 500 l. B500C500(6)!120-200 B500С1000(6)!230-400 B500C1000(9)!430-600 1000 l. B1000С1000(6)!230-400 B1000С2000(6)!460-800 B1000C2000(9)!730-1200 2000 l. B2000С2000(6)!460-800 B2000С4000(6)!930-1600 B2000C4000(9)!1460-2000 Brewery units Brewhouse Mash-wort kettle Lauter tun Pipelines and pumps Remote control BH-200 BH-300 BH-500 BH-1000 BH-2000 BHW-200 BHW-300 BHW-500 BHW-1000 BHW-2000 Hydrocyclone (Whirlpool) WP-200 WP-300 WP-500 WP-1000 WP-2000 Plate wort chiller HE-300 HE-500 HE-1000 HE-2000 CCT (Fermenter) CCT-200 CCT-300 CCT-400 CCT-500 CCT-600 CCT-1000 CCT-2000 CCT-3000 CCT-4000 CCT-6000 Bright beer tanks BBT-500 BBT-600 BBT-1000 BBT-2000 Hot water tanks HWT-300 HWT-500 HWT-600 HWT-800 HWT-1000 HWT-1500 HWT-2000 HWT-3000 HWT-4000 Cold water tanks CWT-300 CWT-500 CWT-600 CWT-800 CWT-1000 CWT-1500 CWT-2000 CWT-3000 CWT-4000 CIP-stations CIP60K CIP100K CIP200 CIP400 KEGMACH-a1 Beer Glycol Chiller CH-6000 CH-12000 CH-24000 Malt mill RM-150 RM-300 RM-600 Lagering tank LT-500 LT-1000 LT-2000 Keg washing machine KEGMACH a1 Production terms Price Cost calculator How to brew Craft beer Table of performance Projects Ukraine Other countries Romania, Yassy (Fabrica de Bere) Gallery Contacts Privacy Policy Payback Wort Cost Calculator Glycol heating system Request an offer

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