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Breweries for bars, pubs and restaurants

For bars and restaurants, we offer models of mini breweries with a capacity of 300 and 500 liters per brew. It all depends on your sales of draft beer, the sort of beer that you want to offer to your visitors and the convenient number of brews per month.

Using these models of breweries, you can brew ale (top-fermented beer), lager beer and also craft beer according to your own unique recipe..

Mini-brewery for brewing ale (top-fermented beer)

Top fermented beer or ale is a beer that is fermented by a special type of beer yeast (ale or top yeast) at room temperature for a relatively short period. Top beer is significantly "denser" than lager beer and full of large amounts of vitamins and amino acids. Due to this, the taste of the top beer is much brighter and richer compared to the classics lager.

Brewing ale is the most economical and fast-paying one, since it requires less equipment for fermentation and has a much shorter fermentation time. Sale of top beer begins within 15 days from the date of brewing this batch.

Mini-brewery for brewing lager (bottom) beer

For brewing of lager beer will be needed CCT (cylinder-conical tanks) in more quantities than for the brewing of ale.
This is due to the fact that the period of lager beer fermentation is 21 days or more, depending on the recipe.
Due to this, lager beer is obtained lighter and more drinkable.
The CCT for the fermentation of bottom beers must necessarily have an internal cooling jacket and a layer of external insulation.

Mini-brewery for brewing craft beer

Craft beer is a beer brewed according to a special recipe, with the addition of non-traditional for classic beer ingredients.
For example, hot spices, fragrant herbs, berries and anything else. Craft beer can be both top and bottom fermentation.
The appearance of craft beer in your bar or restaurant will very quickly make your establishment popular, special and make it stand out among its competitors.

It is necessary to acquire your own brewery with a reserve in volume of productivity, as sales of your own beer in your bar or restaurant will certainly increase!

The productivity of the brewery is the working volume of the brewhouse in which you get the wort for one brew.
In normal operation, it is possible to do one brew per day. But if necessary, the wort can be brewing in two shifts.
Thus, the maximum possible productivity of the brewery is its working volume multiplied by the number of brews per day.

Brovarni brewing equipment lineup for bars and restaurants:

Minibrewery for 300 l. per brewMinibrewery for 300 l. per brew Minibrewery for 500 l. per brewMinibrewery for 500 l. per brew

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