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The abbreviation CIP means "clean in place". This means washing the equipment inside the equipment itself without manual intervention by the operator. No hand washing, rags, brushes and scrapers.

The standard version of washing kegs and fermentation tanks is washing with alkaline and acid solutions. The alkaline solution (for example, caustic soda) must be hot, so the working alkaline capacity of our sink is equipped with electric heating. After washing the keg or vessel with an alkaline solution, to neutralize the alkali, the they washed with an acidic solution. After washing with an acidic solution, the tank is sterile and ready to receive the product.

For the given moment we offer two types of vultures:

  • units with the ability to wash the keg in manual mode and tanks up to 1000 liters in CIP mode
  • units with the ability to wash tanks from 1000 to 4000 liters in CIP mode.

The design of our CIP sinks is simple and reliable. All components and parts are made of stainless steel. Ball valves, collapsible, resistant to acid and alkaline solutions.
Heaters, if necessary, are easily replaceable.

Parameter Articul Price
2 vessels of 60 l. + keg washing function CIP60K 4500 €
2 vessels of 100 l. + keg washing function CIP100K 5700 €
2 vessels of 200 l. CIP200 7400 €
2 vessels of 400 l. CIP400 8500 €
up to 40 kegs per hour KM-A1S 27500 €

CIP-Keg-Washing station:CIP-Keg-Washing station CIP-station for tanks and vessels of brewery:CIP-station for tanks and vessels of brewery

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