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Innovative glycol mash-wort kettle heating system

We have developed and are successfully using a new heating system for mash kettles based on a glycol heating jacket.

Our heating system is very simple and reliable, easy to operate and cheap to maintain. We have been using it for many years and dozens of our clients already use it.

The heating system of the digester is based on a simple physical phenomenon - convection, and food propylene glycol is used as a heat carrier - a safe and affordable product.

A schematic diagram of the heating system is shown in the figure below:

Innovative glycol mash-wort kettle heating system

Under the bottom of the boiler there are tanks with electric heating elements that heat the propylene glycol. The heated propylene glycol under the action of convection rises up through pipes of large cross-section into the heating jacket. The rational movement of glycol inside the heating jacket is provided by special partitions and, giving off heat to the mash through the walls of the kettle, it goes back into the heating tanks.

The absence of a circulation pump makes our system as simple, reliable and cheap to operate as possible.

Maintenance of the system is limited only to periodic replacement of the heat carrier (depending on the intensity of kettle using) and simple replacement of heating elements in case of thair burnout.

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