Eastern Europe, Ukraine
Bila Tserkva city
Skwyrske Highway 20

Roller Malt mill

For the correct crushing of malt, a roller mill with an adjustable roller gap is necessary. Our mills is simple and reliable, made of food grade stainless steel. Three models of mills with productivity of 150, 300 and 600 kg/hour are available.

The crusher, like all equipment, is made from stainless steel case. This gives not only an esthetic look, but also the convenience of keeping it clean of flour after each crushing - it can be easily wiped with a damp rag. If you love cleanness in everything, our crusher has no equal!


Parameter Articul Price
150 kg/hour RM-150 1400 €
300 kg/hour RM-300 2400 €
600 kg/hour RM-600 4400 €

Roller mill for crushing malt - general view:Roller mill for crushing malt - general view Roller mill - up view:Roller mill - up view Roller crusher - bin for malt:Roller crusher - bin for malt

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