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Payback brewery

Buying a brewery, a mini-brewery or a microbrewery is a safe investment.

Buying a brewery is a safe and profitable investment for the following reasons:

  1. High reliability and ultra low equipment wear;
  2. The absence of equipment obsolescence;
  3. There is no need for highly qualified personnel;
  4. This product is always in demand;
  5. Low cost price of the manufactured product;
  6. Projected payback period;
  7. Increase of the total bar, pub or restaurant income.

Let's consider each item more detailed:

High reliability and ultra low brewing equipment wear

The principal structure of the brewery is quite simple and has remained unchanged for a long time. Brewing equipment itself is not a complex technical solution, but the quality of materials, the specialists skills and the conditions of production are of great importance in its manufacture. For the manufacture of breweries, we buy high-quality stainless steel, and use professional modern equipment while welding and further processing.

As a result, with diligent production, high-quality material and relative simplicity of construction, you get reliable equipment, the number of operating cycles of which is unlimited. When handled with care, our brewery will work for decades, requiring only occasionally minor scheduled repairs, such as replacing the pump gasket, rubber seals, small accessories, etc.

The absence of brewing equipment obsolescence

As mentioned above, the basic structure of a classic brewery is not changed. This is due to the fact that the process of brewing beer has its own unshakable foundations, and the differences in the recipe for the preparation of a foamy drink do not require any special units and details from the very structure of the brewery. Therefore, by investing your capital in the brewery, you can be absolutely sure that this equipment will be in demand in decades. That you can not say about almost any other equipment in our consumer century.

The brewery does not need highly qualified personnel

To work at the brewery there is absolutely no need for deep knowledge of any discipline. Anyone who is sensible and who loves this drink can learn how to brew beer. The main thing is to be a subtle connoisseur of beer and have a "good taste."

Brewer produces always and everywhere a demanded product

We think it's just unnecessary to talk about the popularity and demand of such a drink as beer. And if someone says that beer is a seasonal product and is in demand in the hot seasono of the year, let me disagree with it.

There are varieties and types of beer that are simply not common to drink chilled. These are light and dark beers of top fermentation and craft sorts of high density and rich taste. This beer is consumed at any time of the year. It's a custom, to enjoy slowly an amazing and bright taste of beer of these sorts in a cozy atmosphere by the burning fireplace. And when you have your own brewery, at your disposal, you are free to brew beer whenever you want and what you want.

Beer has a fairly low cost price

Beer has a low cost price in comparison with any other food products. Of course, the absolute cost price and salling price can vary within fairly wide limits. This is due to the different cost and quality of raw materials, the recipe and experience of the brewer.

The projected payback period of the brewery or microbrewery

If you are the owner of a bar, pub, restaurant, then you know how many liters of beer you sell during a certain time. Consequently, you can calculate the approximate income from the sale of your own beer by multiplying the number of liters sold by the markup above the cost, which you find optimal. And if you brew delicious beer, the volume of beer sales will increase.

The increase in the total income of a bar, pub or restaurant from having your own brewery in it

From the moment, when your own facility will brew its own original beer, people will visit it more often. And will recommend your facility to friends and acquaintances. So, when ordering more beer, visitors will order more food.

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