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How to brew

How to brew a real live beer?
Probably, few of beer lovers wonder how beer is brewed? And surely many people think that this is a complex and laborious process. However, this is not entirely true.
Classic beer is brewed from malt, water and hop. Using all these ingredients, beer wort is obtained, which is then fermented with beer yeast. As a result at the end of the fermentation process it turns out to loved by many foamy drink.
And now a bit more details:
First, you need to take a malt - sprouted, and then purified from the sprouts and dried barley. It is not necessary to grow and prepare the malt yourself.  In your country barley malt from domestic or foreign manufacturers is sold. So, the received malt must be crushed in a certain way, receiving as a result, a different fraction: grains, flour and husk. This is done by a simple roller crusher and  is called crushed malt.
Then crushed malt is poured with water in a certain proportion, this is called mash. The mash is heated gradually, stirring constantly. This process is called mashing and lasts for hours, and the temperature of the mash does not exceed 77 °C. Then, when the malt gives all the necessary substances into the water, the mash is filtered from the crushed malt (grain bed). The filtered liquid is called a beer wort.
After filtration, the beer wort is boiled with the addition of hop. There is no need to grow the hop yourself. Ready to use granulated hop of domestic and foreign manufacturers is sold in your contry. After boiling with hop, the beer wort gets its beer aroma and bitterness, which then give the beer its special taste. After boiling, the wort is again filtered, now from the hop trub.
After filtration, the hopped wort is cooled to the desired temperature and brewer's yeast is added to it. Thus begins the final stage of brewing beer - fermentation. Depending on the technology, recipes and type of yeast, the fermentation can last from several weeks to several months.
Of course, each of the stages of brewing beer has its own technological nuances and recipe subtleties. The quality of the ingredients is also of great importance. But even with the most amateurish approach to the brewing and the mediocre quality of the raw materials, the result is a beer - incomparably more delicious, unlike the factory pasteurized bottled beer from the store.

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