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Cylinder-conical fermenters

The fermentation area consists of a specific (at the customer’s choice) number of CCT (cylindrical-conical tanks or fermenters) of a corresponding capacity and a control panel containing the automation for maintaining the desired beer temperature inside each fermenter.

CCT have a cooling jacket over the entire height of the cylindrical part. CCTs from 1000 liters also have a separate cone cooling jacket. Fermenters are warmed by polyurethane foam 7-10 cm thick. The external covering of CCT is made of food mirror stainless steel 1.5mm of thickness.

CCT equipped with:

  1. pillow plate cooling jacket
  2. top or side (at the choice of the client) the inspection sealed hatch;
  3. a small hatch or inlet for yeast (optionally);
  4. fermentation bung;
  5. fittings for connecting CIP-station and carbon dioxide baloon;
  6. rotary spray ball;
  7. bottom valve for draining yeast sediment and washing liquid;
  8. tap for supply wort and beer drain;
  9. sampling valve;
  10. beer temperature sensor(s);
  11. pressure/vacuum safety valve;
  12. automatic valve (Italy) coolant supply.

The CCT is designed for internal pressure and can be used both for the primary fermentation and for the maturation (carbonization) of beer and the supply beer for filtering or bottling. The working pressure inside the fermenter is up to 2 atm. (adjusted with a fermentation bung) or up to 3 bar at request.

Washing of the cylindrical-conical fermenter inside takes place in the automatic closed mode using a stationary or mobile CIP-station.

Parameter Articul Price
200 liters CCT-200 3500 €
300 liters CCT-300 4100 €
400 liters CCT-400 4500 €
500 liters CCT-500 5100 €
600 liters CCT-600 5400 €
1000 liters CCT-1000 7200 €
2000 liters CCT-2000 10800 €
3000 liters CCT-3000 14500 €
4000 liters CCT-4000 18400 €
6000 liters CCT-6000 25700 €

Cylinder-conical tank (CCT) 500 l. with side hatch:Cylinder-conical tank (CCT) 500 l. with side hatch Cylinder-conical tank (CCT) 400 l. with top hatch:Cylinder-conical tank (CCT) 400 l. with top hatch Mahole cover for fermenters:Mahole cover for fermenters

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