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What is craft beer

Recently, craft beer has become increasingly popular in our (your) country. Craft beer is in other fashionable words: handcrafted beer. But in relation to such a beer, these translations are not entirely successful, because they do not give a complete picture of what craft beer is and how it is brewed. In addition, there is no precise definition or regulation on how craft beer should be.
If we take the official definition of "craft beer" from the American Association of Brewers, then this is related to a a small brewery, producing beer in small batches, the main aspiration of which should not be a profit from the sale of beer, but the creative process of its brewing. So, if in general words, craft beer is a beer brewed according to classical technology from water, malt and hop, but with the addition of other ingredients to its recipe: spices, herbs, berries, fruits, etc. Craft beer is a flight of fantasy, a creative impulse of a brewer who has brewed it. And with the right serving of such a product to the consumer, this impulse will undoubtedly be appreciated. Craft beer is brewed in small batches and is mainly sold locally.
Amoung of our microbreweries, our models with a capacity of 200, 300 and 500 liters per brew are good for the production of craft beer. At least it will be very convenient to operate with these volumes, at the initial stage of the creative search for the unique craft beer recipes.
It is obvious that craft beer cannot be a product of mass consumption and a certain audience of beer lovers with a good taste, an independent position in society and above-average wealth can appreciate its uniqueness. Therefore, opening your own brewery for the production of craft beer can be not only interesting, but also profitable.
We wish you both creative and commercial success in craft brewing!

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