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Installation of brewing equipment

Our company offers two mounting options for breweries: turnkey installation and installation supervision.
You can choose any of the options that will be more convenient for you.

Brewery turnkey installation

In this version of the installation, we perform all the installation and commissioning works of the brewery. To carry out all the work, we send two or three of our specialists, who will complete the installation and launch of the brewery as soon as possible, on average from 5 to 10 days for standard equipment. The cost of installation and commissioning lies within 4-7% of the cost of equipment and depends on your location, volume and equipment configuration.

Before leaving our specialists, the client must ensure the following conditions in the room where the equipment will be installed:

  1. In the premises of the brewhouse there should be hot process water, sewage, cold prepared water and an electric three-phase input of the appropriate capacity.
  2. The room must have an exhaust ventilation of adequate power with one free pipe for connecting the brewery’s brewhouse to it.
  3. Sewage must be present in the fermentation room.
  4. The premises should be normal air temperature.


The premises of the brewhouse and fermentation area should be adjacent, or be at a small distance from each other. If the premises are on different floors or are not adjacent, the cost of installation will be slightly increased, depending on the amount of necessary additional materials and work on the laying of pipeline routes for communicating the premises. 


Brewery installation supervision

In this version of the installation of the brewery, the work is performed by the customer’s personnel under the guidance of our specialist technologist. For the entire complex of works on the installation of a mini brewery, several plumbers, one electrician and one or two handy handlers for unloading and moving equipment will be needed.


The cost of installation supervision lies within 2-4% of the cost of equipment and depends on your location, volume and equipment configuration.


Before the arrival of our brewery supervisor, the client must also ensure the following conditions:

  1. To provide in the premises of the brewhouse hot process water, sewage, cold prepared water and three-phase electric input of the appropriate power.
  2. Install indoor exhaust ventilation with one free pipe to connect the brewery’s brewhouse to it.
  3. Plumbers and electricians should be ready to start work immediately on the day of arrival of our specialist.


Beer Brewing Training

After installing the brewery, our specialist will conduct a test brewing, which will be indicated by the commissioning and operation of the equipment. For the first training brew, the client must purchase in advance malt, hops and brewer's yeast of suitable quality.

Ukraine, Kiev region
Bila Tserkva city Skvyrske shose, 20
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