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Keg washing machine KEGMACH a1

articul: KEGMACH a1

unit price: 23200 €

Sizes (WxDxH) 925x1100x2200 mm
Weight (empty) 205 kg
washing liquidswater, alkali, acid
steam treatmentpossible (additional option)
steam sourceexternal (not included)
washing speed20-40 kegs per hour

Semi-automatic CIP washing machine for kegs with a volume of 20, 30, 50 l


1. Dimensions, mm:
- Height - 2200
- Width - 925
- Depth - 1100

2. Weight of the empty apparatus: 205 kg.

3. Frame, electrical panel, shut-off valves are made of AISI 304 steel.

4. The equipment operating mode is automatic.

5. Working solutions: alkali, acid (peracetic, orthophosphoric), water, steam, carbon dioxide.

6. Productivity: 20-40 kegs / hour (depending on contamination)

7. Pneumatic equipment - FESTO.

8. The kegwasher is equipped with a 7? touch control panel produced by OVEN.

9. The keg washer has a tightness (Safety) protection system for the keg connection system.

10. Set of delivery includes an oil-free compressor and a microbacterial filter for air and carbon dioxide preparation.

11. Required communications:
- purified water DN25,
- sewerage DN50,
- ventilation DN50,
- electricity 3 phases + N + PE40 kW

Description of the keg washing process:

1. The operator places the keg with the fitting down on the table in the stops.
2. The operator selects the program and presses the start button.
3. The device lowers the presser foot down, thereby fixing the keg, in parallel with this, the table itself is lowered and the keg falls on the seat of the washing head.
4. The connection is tested for tightness.
5. The pressure rod of the wash head rises.
6. The residues are discharged into the drain.
7. Rinsing with water.
8. Keg washing with alkali in a pulse mode.
9. Air blowing.
10. Rinsing with water.
11. Blowing with air.
12. Steaming (optionaly).
13. Rinsing with water.
14. Purging.
15. Washing with peracetic acid in a pulse mode.
16. Carbon dioxide purging (optionaly).
17. Filling with carbon dioxide to a predetermined pressure (optionaly).

Each process and their order is set from the operator panel (in configuration mode), with the ability to save programs.


1. Basic equipment - 13500 € *
2. Additional options:
- steam connection module - 600 €
- TEN steam generator with a steam output of 50kg / hour - 2400 €
- module for filling kegs with carbon dioxide up to a given pressure - 1800 €
- containers for washing solutions with pumps (2 pcs. 60 l each) - 1600 €

For ordering KEGMACH a1 in a complete set, a discount is provided - 1600 €
Total price KEGMACH a1 - 18300 €

* Installation, delivery, commissioning are not included in the price.

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