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Plate sanitary wort chiller for wort cooling HE-300

articul: HE-300

unit price: 1110 €

Sizes (WxDxH) 520x210x860 mm
Working volume 300 l.
Weight (empty) 42 kg
Plate material304 stainless steel
Body material304 stainless steel
Performance (conditional)300 l/h
Number of working plates17 pcs
Plate area0,09 sq.m.
Heat exchange area1,53 sq.m.

The wort sanitary plate heat exchanger (chiller) is assembled from European-made plates. The body of a chiller is made of stainless steel. Chiller is equipped with a mechanical wort thermometer at the outlet. Cooling takes place through heat exchange between the cold water and hot wort ducts to meet each other through parallel channels of heat exchange plates.

In order to save time and energy for the next brewing, hot water at the outlet of the chiller can be collected in a special insulated container - a hot water tank.

The conditionality of the heat exchanger performance is due to the cold water supply not exceeding + 5 ° C

Wort plate heat exchanger HE-300 equipment:
Wort plate heat exchanger HE-300 equipment

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Ukraine, Kiev region
Bila Tserkva city Skvyrske shose, 20
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