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Bila Tserkva city
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Brewing equipment production

The production of equipment begins with the preparation of 3D models of each unit of the brewery and their drawing documentation. Depending on the number of possible individual options, this step can take from one week to one month. At this stage, the hydroscheme of the brewhouse, the arrangement of equipment in the room, a plan for the arrangement of engineering communications are coordinated. As a result, all this is formalized into a so-called "working draft".

Then, from our side, work begins on the manufacture of equipment, and from your side, on the preparation of the premises, for the installation of the brewery, namely, redecorating, if necessary, installation of electrical cables, water supply and sewerage.

Upon completion of the manufacture of a set of equipment for your brewery, we assemble its main units in our workshop for a final check of the equipment and operating condition before shipment. At this stage, we invite the client to our equipment demonstration and signing the inspection and approval certificate. However, the client has the right to refuse this visit, for example, if he is far abroad and does not have the opportunity to come to us at the appointed time.

In this case, we organize a video conference to demonstrate the operation of the equipment and discuss the details of shipment and delivery of equipment to the client's address.

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